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About  EngVolts

 We are a company specialized in the development of Intelligent Solutions in electrical engineering aimed at creating electrical projects, residential or industrial automation and Energy Efficiency for homes, businesses, and farms - offering consultancy, projects and other services related to energy management and property security.


Since its founding, EngVolts' purpose has been to become a reference company in the electrical and energy efficiency market, always seeking to be recognized for its quality and professionalism that it shows when performing its services.




Maintenance and Repair of LED boards


Home or Building Automation


Electrical Installations


Photovoltaic System


Automation and Control of Industries


Aligning experience with the best techniques in the market, we guarantee the constant evolution in the quality of services.


Maintenance and repair of LED boards

Eng Volts advises its customers to take care of the maintenance of their LED boards ensuring 100% of the equipment's operation.


Home or building automation

Eng Volts is able to discuss the project with its client, planning the best places to install the equipment, besides helping in the choice and sizing of the equipment that each project will idealize.


Electrical Installations

Eng Volts provides consultancy, makes some projects and assembly of control panels for the different areas of Residential, building, commercial and Industrial electricity meeting all the standards regarding electrical installations, assisting in all necessary documentation.


Photovoltaic System

Eng Volts has the complete solution in Solar Energy for your home, condominium, business or farm. We combine technology and qualification. Producing more by spending less is one of the main objectives of every company. Knowing this, we have already helped several customers to optimize the use of electricity, guaranteeing them this and many other benefits.


Automation and Control of Industries

EngVolts works in the development of solutions in Industrial Automation according to the client's needs. we work in constant updating in our Industrial Automation projects, to always bring new technologies and the best ideas and information in the segment, following a high level standard with excellence in results. We provide solutions in Industrial Automation for process control, hydraulic, pneumatic, manual or devices with a high degree of automation.

We offer everything you need in electrical solutions! 



"I am not one to recommend any company through social networks, but in the case of EngVolts I will make this exception. I have to admit that it is a fast, cheap and excellent quality service. I called EngVolts, who arrived at my house in 30 minutes and did the repair in the best way possible. Note 10. If you need a service like this, look for this company. I recommend it!"


Pedro, entrepreneur, 30.


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