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We are here to solve all of that and more. Our repair services are fast, efficient and inexpensive. After you perform a service with us, you won't want to know about other companies, we guarantee it!



5 Reasons to have Eng Volts in your project



  1. Reducing energy consumption and lowering your electricity costs.
  2.  Prevent downtime in your production processes, thus generating greater productivity.
  3.  Avoid damage to your staff and property.
  4. Compliance with technical and safety standards, ensuring the integrity of your project.
  5.  Increase the quality of your electrical energy, resulting in maximum performance.


Real and measurable benefits


Service Excellence - We specialize in studying, designing, performing field services, managing and providing consulting services in electricity. Count on our engineers and consultants . 


Energy Efficiency - We have an energy management proposal minimizing costs and maximizing results in the industrial power electronic system. Through analysis and diagnostics. 


Focus Capacitacao - We have highly trained and qualified professionals which increases the safety of services and ensures the integrity of your project.



We select the best professionals to compose our team! All are certified in courses in engineering, construction and more. In addition, one of our main values is to serve customers with excellence! All this commitment guarantees the success of our company and also our growth.


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